Customs of the Chinese

Housing Customs of the Chinese

The Chinese are an incredibly ancient and complex culture. Their buildings and homes are some of the most beautiful in the entire world. This is one reason why it’s so incredibly important to accommodate them when they are living overseas. Strict adherence to tradition can also be a contributing factor in the way that they build and design their homes. Many of their design ideas have been copied by other cultures all over the world. This is simply a testimony to the beauty and economy behind their design.

Many of the Chinese will immigrate in order to follow through with business of some kind. This means that they bring many of their customs and housing ideas into the current markets. It’s very important to have building companies that understand their preferences. This can help the transition go more smoothly for them and their families. Their comfort is one of our most important priorities.

There’s several Customs that can be integrated into the building itself. If any part of it needs to be facing in a particular direction or arranged in such a way to accommodate religious or cultural beliefs, this can be arranged with a good architect and Chinese builders in Melbourne. This is one thing one thing that many big business owners need to keep in mind when doing business overseas. These are only a few of the things that need to be taken into consideration:

Facing Specified Directions

Traditional Chinese home are aligned along the north-south axis. This creates a spiritual flow that provides good fortune. This is according to the ancient customs of feng shui. This is an important part of Chinese culture. This involves placing things in and around the home in such a way as to harmonize it with the surrounding environment. Feng Shui promotes not only positive feelings, but also love and lasting relationships within the family.

When building a home for a Chinese family, it’s extremely important to take their beliefs into account. Feng shui is an ancient and popular custom, and one that can affect the very direction that a home needs to be built facing.

Interior Courtyards

Some Chinese families still Center their time around interior Courtyards. This goes back to an ancient custom that involved the building a home in such a way that it allowed for a space in the very center of the building. This space was dedicated to an open-air Courtyard that was used as a beautiful garden. This Courtyard was used for family gatherings and as a way to spend time with nature apart from the hustle and bustle of society.

It was important for them to take the time to reconnect to their natural origins. Having this personal Courtyard allowed for this. This is one reason that an interior Courtyard might be requested for a Chinese family. Builders and Architects should take this into account when planning these homes.

Extended Family

The Chinese are a people who genuinely honor their elders and relatives from other Generations. They often incorporate these people into their living arrangements and build sprawling homes to accommodate everyone. It is important when designing homes for the Chinese to ask them about extended family members that may be living with them. This allows you to understand the size of the dwelling that will be needed to accommodate them.

Family is incredibly important to the Chinese culture and it needs to be important to the architect as well. They also enjoy having Central meeting places for everyone within the home. This means that they will need a large enough space to enjoy the company of one another comfortably.

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