Chinese Customs Observed in the Home

China is one of the most prominent centers for business in the world. They have an active interest in almost every industry, and often travel and relocate for business. Many countries welcome their Chinese associates with open arms, and do whatever they can to make them feel at home. This includes building homes to fit their specific needs. There are also many customs that must be observed both when building the homes and visiting them afterward. If a building company wants to better understand their Chinese clientele, they may need to speak with them after the building process in finished. This means that they will need to have a cursory understanding of the customs and pleasantries involved in this type of interaction.

The Chinese culture is one based on ancient traditions, solidarity, and integrity. They observe certain rituals in an effort to display both respect and an acknowledgement of their belief system. This means that they may approach certain activities in a different way than others. It’s important to understand this in order to preserve diplomatic ties, and to provide them with a product that they are happy with. Disrespecting a culture is never good for business, and can lose future clientele. Many of these customs are very easy to adhere to, and all you need to do is to remember them before entering the home of your Chinese associates.

It’s also important to avoid doing something that can be insulting or degrading. If this is done out of ignorance, it can be very difficult to come back from. Most corporations who have to deal with clients from other cultural backgrounds will provide employees with some kind of training program that educates them on acceptable behaviors. This is especially important for Chinese builders in Melbourne. Trying to design and build homes for people coming from another culture with a very distinct set of preferences requires a deeper level of understanding. Consider

Be Very Clear with Invitations

If you are invited to a Chinese home for a meeting or social event, you need to let them know whether or not you are attending. This needs to be done promptly and very definitively. Saying “maybe”, or just not showing up at all are considered insulting behaviors. If you are unable to attend, let them know why. This takes the guesswork out of the relationship, and honesty is appreciated.

Shoes are Not Worn in the Home

Remove your shoes as you enter the home, and place them in the indicated area. Some Chinese households will offer you alternate footwear for the indoors, but many are fine with just socks or bare feet. It is very disrespectful to just stomp through their homes in your shoes. It’s a sign of disrespect, and can cause you to lose out on future invitations.

Accept What is Offered

You may be offered tea or another beverage shortly after entering the home. It is important to take this as it is, and not to request anything different unless it’s offered. You will look both rude and unappreciative if you are finicky about the initial offering.

Don’t Arrive Empty Handed

Bring a gift that is both appropriate and expensive enough to show that you value the person who you are visiting. Too much, and it will look vulgar. Too little, and it will be insulting. Don’t be surprised if they refuse the gift up to three times prior to accepting it. This is another ritual of the Chinese culture. It’s meant to show both gratitude and humility. Continue to offer the gift until they take it. It’s also important not to expect it to be opened immediately.

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